Richard III

by William Shakespeare. Directed by Lori Beck

"Now is the winter of our discontent..."

​​​​"Richard III," a historical tragedy by William Shakespeare, unfolds against the backdrop of the Wars of the Roses, delving into the Machiavellian machinations of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. With a hunchback and a twisted soul, Richard manipulates, schemes, and murders his way to the English throne, leaving a trail of deceit and betrayal in his wake.

The play explores themes of power, ambition, and the consequences of unchecked desire as Richard's tyrannical rise to power leads to a web of political turmoil and personal tragedy. Through the compelling narrative, Shakespeare paints a chilling portrait of a villainous protagonist whose actions shape the destiny of a nation, leaving audiences both fascinated and repelled by the dark depths of human nature.


  • Richard III: Francis Sheehan
  • Queen Margaret/Citizen: Barbara Schapiro
  • Queen Elizabeth: Liz Parent
  • Clarence: Alan Stavris
  • King Edward IV: Mark Carter
  • Duchess of York: Kim Alessandro
  • Buckingham: Mark Prokes
  • Richmond (Henry VII): Kyle W. Porter
  • Hastings: Graysen Mortimer
  • Catesby: Jade Ansell
  • Stanley: Jim Cannizzaro
  • Dorset/Citizen/Messenger/Norfolk: Chloe Forsyth
  • Anne/Mayor: Amanda Wade
  • Brakenbury/Ratcliffe: Stephanie Sivalingam
  • Murderer 2: Kayla Durkin
  • Rivers/Scrivener/Messenger: Oliver Bridges
  • Citizen/Cardinal/Bishop/Messenger/Blunt: Han Lambert
  • Edward (Prince of Wales)/Tyrrell/Oxford/Hebert: Kevin Brynczka
  • Richard (Duke of York)/Jailer/Page: Aureja Johnson