Roundabout is excited to announce auditions for Nick Dear's "Frankenstein", directed by Mark Prokes.  

REHEARSALS will be held Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 9:30, at Norfolk Community Television, 158 Main Street, Norfolk, MA.  You will not be called to every rehearsal. 

PERFORMANCES are scheduled for September 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, & 22, and will be held at Coelho Middle School, 99 Brown Street, Attleboro MA.

AUDITIONS will consist mainly of cold readings from the script.  

If you are auditioning for THE CREATURE, please plan to attend an audition on either the 17th or the 20th. We will be casting the role that weekend, and whoever is cast will be asked to attend the subsequent week of auditions to read with other auditioners. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move. The role is very physical, and we will be asking you to improvise some movement. If you are not cast as the Creature, but would like to be considered for other roles, please plan to attend one of the audition nights during the second week.

If you are interested in the role of THE FEMALE CREATURE, please prepare a short dance performance to perform at the audition. We would like to see how well you move. If you are interested in other roles, please attend one evening during the second week of auditions. Certain roles may be doubled with others. Actors of any gender identity will be considered for any roles they are interested in.



The Creature (any age) - The newly created "monster". Begins the play as essentially a newborn, as the world continues to tear him down, he grows more bitter towards it, and more and more human as a result...

Victor Frankenstein (20's-30's) - The Creature's absentee father. Horrified and disgusted by his creation, he abandons it shortly after its birth. He views the world with a cold, clinical, scientific view, and is envious of those who can feel more truly.

Gretel (any age) - A prostitute in Ingolstadt. Encounters the Creature one night after being accosted by a "customer".

Gustav (any age) - A beggar living in the woods. He and Klaus are accosted by the starving Creature and have their food stolen.

Klaus (any age) - A beggar living in the woods with Gustav. They later return to chase the Creature away from their camp in the middle of the night.

De Lacey (50's or older) - A blind old man and a former professor. Lost his home and his sight in a war, now lives on a barren farm along with Felix and Agatha. He befriends the Creature and teaches him to read, introducing him to literature and philosophy in the process.

Felix (20's-30's) - De Lacey's son and a farmer. A more superstitious man than his father, he doesn't react well when the Creature finally reveals himself.

Agatha (20's-30's) - Felix's wife. Determined to make the best of a bad situation and attempting to remain cheerful in the face of their dismal odds.

The Female Creature (any age) - The Creature's imagined ideal companion. Non-speaking, dance role.

Elizabeth Lavenza (20's-30's) - Victor's cousin and fiancé. Loves and supports Victor but is exasperated by his frigidness and insistence upon completing his experiments.

Clarice (any age) - Elizabeth's maid and confidant. Snarky and sensible.

William Frankenstein (18 or younger) - Victor's younger brother. Becomes a victim of the Creature. Child role.

Monsieur Frankenstein (40's or older) - Victor's father. Is desperate to understand his son, believes he may be going mad.

Ewan (40's or older) - An Orkney islander who rents Victor a shack for his experiments. A pragmatic man, he also agrees to provide Victor with "raw materials".

Rab (18-30's) - Ewan's nephew. Gets roped into assisting his uncle, against his better judgement. A Constable (any age) - A police man who assists Monsieur Frankenstein in retrieving his son. Horrified and confused by the experiments he sees.

Townspeople and Servants

** Rehearsals will be held at Norfolk Community Television (158 Main Street, Norfolk) and at the Norfolk Public Library (2 Liberty Lane, Norfolk). Performances will be held at Coelho Middle School (99 Brown Street, Attleboro, MA) **

** If you have any questions, please contact the Director, Mark Prokes, at **